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     I've been thinking about hiring a cleaning company for a long time, and saw that RichmondCarpetCleaners had a deal on so gave them a go. That was a few months ago and they still clean my home for a very cheap price.
Tilly Repan19/05/2020
     What a great company and easy to work with. Customer service was phenomenal. The guys that came to help clean my home were very polite and worked quickly and efficiently.
Tracy B.19/09/2019
     I contacted Richmond Carpet Cleaning Company and their cleaners came around later that same day. They proved to be great value and they carried out a very professional job. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Jeff R.08/02/2019
      Carpet Cleaning Richmond send their office cleaners to our workplace three times a week and they help us keep our premises tidy and clean. All my colleagues are very happy with their services and they never disturb our work, which is also very important to us.
P. Knight28/09/2016
     Oven cleaning is something I have away struggled with. I found it difficult to get all the food stains out and get the dirt out of each corner and nook. I wasn't happy with my dirty oven so I called Carpet Cleaning Richmond to see what they could do for me. I was impressed with what they promised so I hired them to see what they could do in person. Their cleaner got rid of every stain and every bit of dirt from my oven so that it looked great. I don't remember it ever being this clean and I know I couldn't have achieved this result myself.
Betty Cross27/05/2015
     RichmondCarpetCleaners is the company that I chose to clean my home and I am pleased with what the cleaner achieved. My home was spotless from top to bottom, and I'm thinking about hiring another of their services soon. The price was good as well!
Paul F.29/01/2015
     There's not much more to say from me other than the fact that RichmondCarpetCleaners did a really good job. I had originally been worried about hiring a cleaner as I felt it was a bit ostentatious and something which I wasn't really needing. However, thanks to the impact which they've had and the great price which they were able to provide, it's quickly become something of a necessity. With this in mind, I'm more than happy to recommend them to anyone else who was in a similar position to me not so long ago.
E. Klein07/01/2015
     My children always run into the house without wiping their feet so all the rugs I have quickly become dirty. The stains built up and I no longer could keep them clean so I called up RichmondCarpetCleaners. They were able to help me clean everything, with their top cleaners coming to my house. They washed and wiped until the rugs were cleaner than ever. My children may make mess quickly, but I know have RichmondCarpetCleaners to cover me.
R. Peterson18/12/2014
     I found RichmondCarpetCleaners on the internet. I have only been using them for a month but so far I am pleased with the service that I have received. I have used cleaning firms in the past and found that often I didn't get my full two hours cleaning that I had paid for. Since using this company, I have had every minute of cleaning that I have paid for and which obviously I am very pleased with. All the cleaning jobs that I require get done and I am always pleased with the results. I would fully recommend.
Rachel R.05/11/2014
     I would not have thought that hiring a professional cleaning service would be possible on a budget as limited as mine. Well, not one that's worth the time of day, I mean. That was before I discovered RichmondCarpetCleaners, though - now I am a believer. For the amount of good work that they do, their prices are amazingly low. Their cleaning staff are highly qualified and have access to all of the right tools, and they provide an all round dependable service! I have only positive things to say about them, and I am truly thankful for the opportunity!
William Barnes21/08/2014
     I've moved house quite a lot in the past and I've used maybe half a dozen end of tenancy cleaning services before. I decided to try RichmondCarpetCleaners as a friend of mine was very happy with her experience with them, and I can't believe I haven't tried them sooner! The cleaner was incredibly professional and had cleaning skills that I've never seen in any other cleaning company. The job she did was flawless, and even though I'm, a bit of nit-picker I couldn't find one fault! This is an amazing end of tenancy cleaning service, and if I move house again this company will be who I contact!
     My house had been getting messier and more cluttered over time. I spent little occasion seeing to my mess and so it accumulated to far too much. I soon couldn't stand being in my own house and so I decided to call RichmondCarpetCleaners. I knew they would be able to tackle this mess for me and they did. Their team came and saw to all dirt, dust, stains and clutter. I am pleased with the help they have given and have one again made my abode somewhere I can be happy. I will try my best to keep my home clean but if worse comes to worse, I won't hesitate to contact them again.
Gerard Holly20/06/2014
     In most cases, a cleaning company is not something that I would have thought of myself as needing. The fact is however, that as a person who is extremely busy with a new job, I don't want to be worrying about whether my windows and surfaces are looking their best! I have been using RichmondCarpetCleaners for a couple of weeks, and they seem to be doing an excellent job. I was most surprised by how affordable it was as well, which was a welcome addition to the excellent cleaning!
Johnnie Howell29/04/2014
     RichmondCarpetCleaners is a great cleaning company and they made my house move a lot easier for me and my family! We wanted to find a team of end of tenancy cleaners who'd be able to sort out the cleaning and give us time to finish off packing and preparing to move. As we had quite a large house we knew it would be a big task, and definitely too much work for us when we had so many other things to be getting on with! The clean was really thorough and every nook and cranny was left looking very clean. My landlord was very impressed as well! Five stars!
     Hiring in professional cleaners might be the best thing I ever did. It took a while for things to really become obvious, but I think it all came obvious one day when I dropped something under the sofa. Rather than reaching underneath and getting a hand covered in old dust and dirt, I was shocked to discover that the area beneath was beautifully clean. When you hire in RichmondCarpetCleaners, moments like this become incredibly common. The deep cleaning solutions really make a difference in my life and I am happy to say that I recommend their services.
Jack Price19/03/2014
     I don't know much about cleaning services, but I know when I've been conned out of my cash. With RichmondCarpetCleaners I was pleased to find that I felt like I certainly got what I paid for, and perhaps more! I was really impressed by the level of cleanliness that I got, it felt like a really thorough job, even though the team were only there for three hours or so! A fantastic cleaning service, well worth checking out!
Howard Hill05/03/2014

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